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The Calais School Band under the direction of Mr. Robert Rucker, recently visited the Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC). The students were special guests and had the opportunity to directly discuss “how music works” with Wynton Marsalis and his band.
Mr. Marsalis, who along with his father and brothers comprise New Orleans venerable “first family of Jazz”, took our students on a guided tour of JALC and answered questions as they moved from room to room. One special moment occurred when Mr. Marsalis told them about his younger brother who is autistic. He went on to explain that during the years his brother was growing up, no one knew the meaning of Autism but music played a vital role in his brother’s life. In addition to the tour, students had the unique opportunity to be a part of a rehearsal with the band. Under the leadership and direction of Mr. Marsalis, The Jazz is comprised of fifteen of the finest jazz soloists and ensemble players today. JALC endorses a unique vision for the continued advancement of the art of jazz by generating a year round schedule of education and performance for audiences of all ages. Here at the Calais School, music education is a vital component of the instructional curriculum. It is the school’s mission that all students receive the best education possible, regardless of their learning capability.




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