Is music education important in public schools

Is music education important in public schools ?    I feel responsible to add to this conversation:

“At the beginning of this school year, a 3rd grader said to me “I wanna play Tuba.”My eyes got big as my heart began to smile once more.”

 Many schools have asked parents to provide musical instruments along with private lessons.  This is a good start but falls short of providing the needs of a Music Program. There are many other factors that go over-looked.  One important factor is protocol of scheduling and enrollment. In a school, students should have the freedom to choose what electives they are most interested in.  They should not be forced to take Music or Art.  We are waisting precious hours of instructional time on behavior modifications for students who are not interested in the subject. Students who are interested and want to be a part of these electives should have that freedom.  Moreover, students who are forced into these classes already know that they may not have to pass Music courses to graduate.  If music is to be considered in a school curriculum, it must have the respect as any other discipline.  Students should never have low expectations about anything of study. We’re sending the wrong message. Furthermore, I believe that schools have a responsibility to provide resources that aid in the development of the performing arts and vocational programs.  These programs are essential to the overall development of our youngster — they find plenty of funding for athletic programs. Districts and educational leaders have turned their backs on the traditional methods of music education for a more suitable and in-expensive alternative “Music Appreciation”. In addition, our leaders have failed to implement the necessary components that music education requires: Facilities – Many music teachers are restricted to a cart for music instruction. Funding – Music instruments are expensive but are essential to music instruction. Investing in adequate tools are needed, not toys.